Dance party pricing


Goats loooove to dance! Write a program to price a dance party for goats. You can download a starting workbook. It looks like this:


Users enter:

  • Number of young goats (number, 0 or more)
  • Number of old goats (number, 0 or more)
  • Music style (D, R, or C, for dub step, rock, or country)

Your program should validate the fields. Let the user type upper- or lowercase for music style, with extra spaces. If there are error messages, show all that apply, like this:


Make sure that old error messages and output is erased. So if there are errors, cell B9 should be blank.

The total price depends on the price per goat, and a setup fee. Each young goat costs $30. Each old goat costs $50. The setup fee depends on the type of music. $400 for dub step, $200 for rock, and $550 for country.

Upload your solution. The usual coding standards apply.

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