Exercises and grades

Download a gradebook CSV file. Sample data:

  • 1000,"Enrique","Burke",11,65.8
  • 1001,"Trinity","Moran",17,56.6
  • 1002,"Madeline","Pacheco",17,70.6
  • 1003,"Julia","Barton",47,79.6
  • 1004,"Ryker","Mcintyre",39,73.2

The fields and validation rules are:

  • Id number (number, 1000 or more)
  • First name (must not be missing)
  • Last name (must not be missing)
  • Number of exercises completed (number, 0 to 50)
  • Exam score (number, 0 to 100)

Write a VBA program to read the data, and (for valid data only) report statistics comparing exam scores for people who complete 30 or more exercises, with scores for people who complete less than 30. Use case-wise deletion.

The worksheet should look like this to start:


When the run button is clicked:


Write your code so that the number of records in the input file can vary.

Upload your workbook. The usual coding standards apply.


If you were doing this analysis for real, would you add anything else? I took a statistics class, and I can think of some things.

Good point, Adela. I'd add at least a t test of the two means. However, comparing 30 or more with less then 30 sounds a bit arbitrary. I'd add a correlation analysis, as well.

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