Exercise feedback

Multiple choice

Suppose you forget your password to this site. You click the "Reset your password" link on the login form. The website says it sent you an email, but you can't find it. What do you do?


Try the reset password thing ten more times.


Ask a goat to intervene with Cthulhu.


Check your email spam folder.

Multiple choice

You try to submit an exercise solution, but the website says the initials you typed don't match what it has on file for you. What do you do?


Legally change your name, so that your initials are ILC, for "I love Cthulhu."


Go to My stuff | Account | Edit. Change your initials to how they should be.


Hire an IT expert to figure it out.

Grading by a person, not a computer

When you submit an exercise, it gets put in a queue, for a person to grade.


Wait. I figured a computer would grade everything.

Not with this course. Computer can grade somethings, but not others. Multiple-choice questions, yes. Your Excel VBA code, no.

Exercise status

You can check the status of your submissions in a few ways. First, you can check your notices. There's a link in the main menu.

Notices (Sample, don't click)


Remember the right-click-or-long-press-to-open-in-new-tab trick.

Second, you can click Your stuff | Submissions.

Your submissions link

Third, you can look at the exercise itself. For example, here's your first exercise, if you haven't submitted anything.

Not submitted

If you submit something, it changes to:

Submitted, waiting for feedback

The arrow points to a status message. When there's feedback, the status message will tell you.


Check out that message again. Here's the same screen shot:

Not complete

Exercises are either complete, or not. Your grader will mark exercises as complete, when you do them well. If they aren't complete, you can redo them. You get as many attempts as you want.