Clown clearance


The sleepy town of Fall's End, Montana, has been invaded by evil aliens! They have turned the townsfolk into lava lamps. There are roughly forty aliens, though the exact number is not known.

Poor research led the aliens to disguise themselves as clowns. They thought they would blend in with the locals.

Marcella has discovered that felines are the only creatures unaffected by the aliens' transmogrifiers. Write an Excel worksheet with some VBA to help her figure out how many leopards, lions, and tigers to rent.

Here's what your solution should look like to start with:


Validate the three inputs. They must be numeric, and cannot be less than zero. In addition, leopards cannot be more than six, lions cannot be more than five, and tigers cannot be more than three.

Here are some error messages:


If there are any input errors, show all of the error messages at once. Hint: use the flag pattern.

Clear all output and error messages each time the program runs.

Compute and output the cost, and the number of clowns eaten. Each leopard $4,000, and will eat two clowns. Each lion costs $8,500, and will eat four clowns. Each tiger costs $12,800, and will eat seven clowns.

Hint: use singles for all numbers. It's just easier that way.

Here is some output:


Marcella has $90,000 in her wallet. If the total cost is more than $90,000, show a message along with the output, like this:


The usual coding standards apply.

Upload your worksheet.

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