Excel objects


An object is something in Excel/VBA that you can access in a program. Some objects are created automatically, and are always available. You've used one already: ThisWorkbook. When you run code, Excel creates a ThisWorkbook object for you, and stuffs it with useful information. You've accessed one of it's properties: Path. As in:

Open ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" ...

The ThisWorkbook object has a Path property that tells you where the .xlsm file is stored.

There are hundreds of objects in Excel. You can see them in VBE (the Visual Basic Editor). Open it, and show the object browser. Do that by pressing F2, or using the View menu.

You'll see something like this:

Object browser

On the left are the types of objects that are available. Scroll down, and select ThisWorkbook.

ThisWorkbook properties

On the right, you'll see it's properties. There are a lot!

Choose Path.

Path property

Click on the Help button, and your browser will show you a webpage about the property. It says:

Help about Path

So, ThisWorkbook is an object. It has properties, like Path, that give you info about it. You can use the object browser to list the properties, and get help about them.