When you get stuck

Your programs will have errors. That doesn't mean you're a bad programmers. Everyone's code has bugs, including mine.

What to do?


Debugging means finding and fixing errors in your code. Debugging is a very important skill to have.

We'll talk about that later.

Site search

This site has a search link. See it up there in the menu? It can be handy.

Post to a Moodle forum

There are three Moodle forums:

Moodle forums

The three forums are:

  • Announcements is one-way, from me to you.
  • The general forum is where you should post most of your questions. If you see a question you can answer, go ahead.
  • The introductions forum is to..., well, introduce yourself.

Moodle forums send email to Oakland account. OU uses Google stuff, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Meet, Drive, and other things. They're powerful tools. Explore them. Consider using Google Calendar to keep track of classes, when things are due, etc. That's my tool of choice.

If you get stuck, post to the general Moodle forum. If you see a question you can answer, please do so. Putting your thoughts into words helps improve your understanding.


There's a lesson on GT.


Can can email me at mathieso@oakland.edu. Only email me directly about private issues, like grades.

Please use the general forum on Moodle for questions about content ("How do I..."), or class organization. That way, everyone can see and learn from your question.