Using this site

This site is the textbook for your class. It also lets you upload your exercise submissions, get feedback, and other things.

Your account

Anyone can read the lessons. It's free, no login needed. Know someone who wants to learn programming? Send them the link.

However, you'll need an account to submit exercises, and get feedback. I'll make an account for you, and tell you by email how to access it. If you don't have an account (maybe you added the class late), contact me, and ask for access. My email is

There's a login link in the main menu. See it up there? Use your user name and a password to log in.

When you've logged in, you'll see a "Your stuff" entry in the main menu, with these items:

Your stuff menu

This is where you can see information specific to you. If someone else uses your computer, don't forget to log out.

Your account has basic information, like your name, initials, email, and maybe a photo. You can change the information with Your stuff | Account. That means clicking "Your stuff", then clicking "Account".

Click Your stuff | Account, and you'll see something like:


(Instead of "vbastudent1", you'll see your user name.)

There are two tabs, View and Edit. The View tab shows you account information. Click the Edit tab to change the information.

This is where you'll change your password, for example. You'll need to type your current password, and your new password (twice).

Changing your password

Don't forget to click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

You should change your password now. That's Your stuff | Account | Edit.


Right-click or long-press on the Account link, and it will open in a new browser tab. A good way to do something, without losing your place.

Right-click, open in new tab

If you forget your password, there's a "Reset your password" link on the login form. It will send you an email with a reset link. If you don't get the email, check your spam folder.


I don't know your password, although I can change it. Try the reset link before contacting me. Remember, check your spam folder.

Turn on JavaScript and cookies for this site

This site uses JavaScript and cookies to keep you logged in, make the lesson tree work, and other stuff. Please let this site do its thing, or it will be very hard to use. The site doesn't try to do Evil Things with JS or cookies

Submitting exercises

We still need to talk about how you submit exercises. That's the next lesson.