Getting ready

Photo: Holly Vickery

Before you can start Exceling, we need to get you set up. That's what this module is about. (A module is a bunch of lessons on a topic.)

Let's start with the lessons. Lessons are in a tree, like this:

Lesson tree

You're on "Getting ready."

Click the "More..." button to continue.

You can hide the lesson tree.

Show/hide the lesson tree

Try it.


Why would you want to hide the lesson tree?

To get more screen space. Maybe you're working on an exercise, and want Excel and this site on the screen at the same time. Hide the lesson, and you'll have more space to work.

Two apps on the screen

OK, let's move on to the next lesson. Use the lesson navigator, or the tree. The navigator looks like this:

Lesson navigator (Sample - don't click me.)

It's at the top and bottom of every lesson.

See you in the next lesson!​