Goat milk


Estimate the amount of goat milk you'll get per day, based on the number of goats of different breeds you have, and whether you love them or not.

The worksheet starts like this:


For each breed, the user enters the number of goats (a number zero or more), and whether they love the goats. They can can enter y, yes, n, or no. Case and extra spaces shouldn't matter.

If they enter invalid data, they see all applicable error messages, like this:


If the data's OK, compute the estimated milk production for that scenario. For example:


Here production data, in gallons per day per goat:

Breed Loved Unloved
Alpine 2.2 1.7
Nubian 2.8 2.1
Saanen 1.9 1.5

Here's some more output:

More output

Be sure to clear errors and output at the start of each run.

Upload your workbook. The usual standard apply.

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